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At Inspired Heart our team has a passion for deep stories. We are committed to bringing them back to you to view and be inspired. Documentaries of incredible people are our specialty.

The films in process in concept, and pre and/or post production  are Moonlight in the Darkness, An Animal Rescue Tribe, Apple 4 the Teacher, GIORGIO!,  A Walk in the Sun among others.

8 films are in the works as a series package:

Animal Rescue Tribe
Our latest project will highlight our furry and feathered friends and those who rescue them in their time of need.  We will be pairing this film with supporting actual animal rescue efforts – from abused and neglected pets to ones displaced through natural or man-made disasters.  To help support our efforts go to

A Walk in the Sun
The Shamanic practice of healing and natures way back to our ancestral roots to fortify and nurture.

Moonlight in the Darkness
Stories of families of suicide victims, deep depression, OD, suicidal ideation, addiction, and the new hope of survivors.  In their own words.

Dog spelled Backwards
The celebration and love for mans best friends, humans and their canine companions.

We the People of Peace and Love
An experience of the new era many people are returning to participation in a revolution. The peaceful oneness, overcoming physical and mental illnesses with the use of psychedelics.

An Apple 4 the Teacher
The shift in paradigm for school teachers, unions, and political administrative changes in the current political debate. The profession of educators and what it’s like, this film focused on 3 special educators in action!

The journey of Lyndsey to Giorgio a transgender neuropsychologist, and his families transformation over 3 years. His transformation into himself, mind, body, and spirit.

The Man (or Woman) who might be President
We need someone who could save politics. This film looks at gender and generational biases. So who will do the right thing in government a male or a female ?

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